Often end customers or other persons outside the Moeco platform want to track shipments in real time. For these cases, you can generate a link with real-time shipment tracking and share it with a person who requests it.

To generate a shipment tracking link, do the following:

  1. Go to logistics dashboard > Locations.
  2. Open the shipment you want to share the tracking for.
  3. Next to the required sensor, click .
  4. In the modal window opened, click Copy. Now you can share the tracking link by any communication method of your choice.

By following the tracking link, a person will see all the information in the read-only mode. They won’t be able to manage alerts, edit shipment parameters, delete sensors, etc. All alerts, warnings, and notifications are also hidden from end customer dashboards.

You can also use another flow for sharing tracking links using the Moeco mobile web application.