User description

This document instructs users on how to safely set up, use, store, troubleshoot, and dispose of the device.

The user shall study all the included information before using the device. The device may only be used as described in this document and for the specified application scenarios.

This device is restricted for use under the age of 16.


The following style conventions are used in this document:


Information and tips on using the device.

Retaining information

Read and understand this document before using the device. Failure to do so can result in damage to the device or its misuse.

The device can be operated by a person who, having read this manual:

  • Has memorised the safety information

  • Has understood the technical contents and correctly interpreted drawings and diagrams

Keep all instructions for future reference and pass them on to subsequent users of the device if necessary.

Obtaining documentation

The latest version of the documentation is available at the following address:


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