Logistics release notes 3.7

New features

Improved logistics dashboard UI

We keep on implementing a new design to the logistics dashboard to make it unified. The shipment creation process has slightly changed. Shipment editing has been also refined, so now you can edit various shipment parameters in one place. Another thing is improved monitoring events management and UI—all monitoring events are now kept along with other information about a shipment.

Extensive road planning update

Now you can create a road plan for any of your shipments and fill it with custom checkpoints. Each checkpoint is a location that a shipment is supposed to reach along its route. You can also assign ETA to your checkpoints to control the shipment movement.

User login

For logging into the Moeco platform, you could earlier use your email only. Now you can set up your own login in the account settings and use it for authentication. In addition, this login will work for any of your organization.

Technical improvements

  • Made lifecycle stages customizable and improved an algorithm that calculates them.

  • Removed the navigation drop-down for suspended users.

  • Added filtering by device type in the custom parameters window.

  • Made the Suspend user button inactive for already suspended users.

  • Added field validation for gateway manual settings.

  • Disabled an option of sending SMS about triggered monitoring events for those users who don’t have their phone number set up in the account settings.

  • Refined filtering options for shipments table.

  • Added a new export option for reports—CSV files.

  • Made fake and real tracking points visually distinguishable on the interactive map.

  • Unified names of the reports downloaded from the logistics dashboard.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue that allowed to edit shipment after they had been archived.

  • Fixed an issue that showed activated shipments among archived ones.

  • Fixed an issue that occasionally crashed the shipments table after refreshing the webpage.

  • Fixed an issue that caused incorrect sensor stats rendering when a sensor didn’t send data.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the interactive map zooming from working correctly.

  • Fixed an issue that showed incorrect pikes in the shipment tracking line.

  • Fixed an issue that forced a user to relogin, if a page with their organizations had been refreshed.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented some export reports from being downloaded or sent.

  • Fixed an issue that crashed the map in the customer dashboard after refreshing the page.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented an invitation email from being resent to the suspended user.