Logistics release notes 3.0

The Moeco logistics solution 3.0 is now on air! This version provides new features and improvements to enhance management of organization and employees accounts, access control, and several other security features.

New features

Topping up organization account (for administrators only)

The Moeco logistics solution adds an ability to top up the organization account via a bank card payment. Now the organization administrators can avoid wire transfer payments and make a quick deposit on their company’s accounts independently right from the Moeco administration panel.

New alert type: light exposure

The logistics dashboard integrates a new alert type for your shipments—light exposure. This parameter tracks the shipment ambient light level and can tell when and where your shipment is open.

New sensor settings: data transfer frequency

The administration panel provides a new settings type for your sensors. Administrators now can change both the data acquisition frequency and the frequency of exchanging data between a sensor and the Moeco platform.

Technical improvements

  • In Authentication panel > Team, the list of team members is now filtered by active users by default.

  • In the Authentication panel, now if users don’t have access rights to the Team, Org, and Roles tabs, tab links will remain inactive for them.

  • In Authentication panel > Org, only organization owners can now transfer owner rights to another user.

  • The Authentication panel > Org and Team tabs are optimized to load faster.

  • When trying to re-use an email that is already associated with the Moeco account, you’ll now see an error message instead of getting into a time loop on the sign-up page.

  • Password strength policy is enhanced.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue that prevented a user from logging out while being in the authentication panel or logistics dashboard.

  • Fixed an issue with missing Light exposure data on the interactive map pop-ups.

  • Fixed an issue that sent an invalid confirmation email during registration.