Operating the device

This section explains how to operate the device safely.

At departure

  1. Switch on the device. To do this, remove the battery pull tab. The LED will blink green twice.

  2. Place the logger inside the cargo crate or remove the protective layer at the back and stick the device to the cargo crate.


Do not attach the device to the top or the bottom of the cargo where it can be crushed under the cumulative weight of multiple cargo items stacked on each other. This can negatively affect the device.

Once the battery pull tab is removed, the device starts doing the following:

  • Collect sensor data every five minutes.

    The device stores data in the internal flash memory. If the memory is full, the oldest data is erased to free up space.

  • Log shocks that exceed the acceleration threshold.

  • Advertise itself via Bluetooth to transmit the collected data to a Moeco gateway, synchronize, or get updates.

On arrival

When the cargo arrives to destination, detach the device from the cargo and dismantle as follows:

  1. Pry up the corner of the device and peel the device off the cargo surface. It should be removed from the cargo entirely.

  2. Divide the device casing into halves and separate the electronic module (3) from plastic (2, 4) and cardboard parts (1, 5). For details, see Fig. 44.

    The image of the device split into separate parts.

    Fig. 44 Disassembly of the device

To dispose of the device, follow the recommendations from section Disposal and recycling of this manual.