Finishing shipments

When your shipment transportation is over, you usually don’t need the data from that sensor anymore. While a shipment remains active, a sensor linked to it continues to populate the dashboard with transactions. To stop this process of data transfer, you can finish a shipment.

There are two ways to finish shipments:

  • Relinking a sensor to another shipment. The current shipment gets archived automatically. To learn more about this option, see Reusing sensors.

  • Deactivating a shipment manually.

To finish a shipment manually, do the following:

  1. Go to the logistics dashboard > Locations.

  2. In the table, find the shipment you want to finish.

  3. Next to the shipment, click > Archive shipment.

  4. In the modal window, click Archive to confirm the action.

    Finishing a shipment

After deactivation, the shipment tracking stops, the shipment itself and all its sensors, monitoring events, and transactions get archived. From this moment, all the data collected for the shipment become unavailable.