Maintenance of the device



The charger is available upon request.

To charge the tracker, do the following:

  1. Connect the charger to a power source with a USB Type-C cable as shown in Fig. 25.

    Connecting the charger

    Fig. 25 Connecting the charger

  2. Place the tracker on the charger so that its terminals touch the charger pins. The only correct way is shown in Fig. 26.

    Charging position

    Fig. 26 Charging position

  3. The light will come on. It will be indicating the current battery percentage throughout the charge:

    • Red: less than 30%

    • Yellow: 30% to 60%

    • Green: more than 60%

    The tracker cannot be used while charging. All its peripherals are powered off in this mode.

  4. Let the tracker charge for 4 to 5 hours to make sure the battery is full.

  5. Take the tracker off the charger. It will switch to the storage mode.

  6. Disconnect the charger from the power source.