Logistics release notes 3.2

The Moeco logistics solution 3.2 is now on air! In this version, we’re presenting new features and improvements to enhance devices management and geolocation accuracy, refine our back-end services, and fight various bugs.

New features

WiFi support for geolocation tracking

If there are available WiFi networks nearby a sensor, Moeco now uses them to determine the shipment location more precisely.

Topping up organization accounts via bank transfer

Now, while making a deposit for your organization account, you can choose a bank transfer as a payment method and get our beautiful invoices.

Technical improvements

  • Manual devices adding to the Moeco platform is now refined.

  • Now, the Destination field is not mandatory while creating a shipment via the logistics dashboard.

  • In Administration panel > Sensors, the downlinks window UX is refined.

  • Deposit is now limited to $10,000 and two decimal digits.

  • Several pages of the Moeco platform are optimized now to work faster and smoother.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue that showed the Favorite parameter in the table header sorting options.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented long location tags from text wrapping.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the light related alerts trigger occasionally.

  • Fixed an incorrect tracking route for shipments that had no connection while crossing the border between hemispheres. Earlier, if a shipment was in the Western Hemisphere, then lost signal and came back in the Eastern Hemisphere, the missing points were calculated through the prime meridian only.

  • Fixed an issue that demanded a force page reload when assigning a new role to a user.

  • Fixed an issue that made Authentication panel > Org visible for non-administrators.

  • Fixed an issue that showed the same user picture for all users in organization until a force page reload.

  • Fixed an issue that closed pop-up windows if selecting the text in it.

  • Fixed an issue with the wrong wordings in the login page and in the interactive map pop-ups.

  • Fixed an issue that allowed to change a phone number without verification.

  • Fixed an issue that excluded decimal parts of the deposit sum while topping up the account.