Logistics release notes 3.4

New features

Shipment lifecycles

Moeco continues to redefine the shipment tracking process. Now you can monitor all your shipments on each stage of their lifecycle in one place.

Logistics dashboard for users outside Moeco platform

Now you can generate and share a shipment tracking link to people without Moeco account. They will be able to trace a sensor all along its route and all its vital parameters such as temperature, humidity, number of shocks, etc. This dashboard works in the read-only mode so third party individuals cannot change anything in your real Moeco space.

Export with options

When exporting reports from Moeco, you can now select not only their format but also the time range and what will be included in them. Additionally, you can choose whether to download a report or send it to your email or both!

Technical improvements

  • For logging into the Moeco account, users can now set and use unique logins instead of an email.

  • The Tracking manager and Tracking viewer roles were removed from the list of available user roles.

  • The logistics dashboard search now works smoother and faster.

  • Another optimization for the administration panel.

  • The Moeco Logistics app UX is now looks fresher and more detailed.

  • In the Moeco Logistics app, newly added sensors now show short info by default.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue that showed all downlink result messages green-colored even if it was an error.

  • Fixed an issue that showed extra scroll bars on the smaller resolution screens.

  • Removed the Deactivate shipment option for archived shipments.

  • Removed the Set destination option so that it doesn’t duplicate the Edit shipment menu.

  • Fixed an issue that occurred while scanning barcodes for multiple devices.

  • Fixed an issue that made searching shipments by pallet IDs result in error.