Reusing sensors

The Moeco sensors can be disposable and reusable. The sensor type is defined in your contract with Moeco.

Features of reusable sensors

The reusable sensors period of operation is limited to their battery lifespan. On average, the lifespan lasts up to 1-1,5 years. During this period, you can reuse a sensor an unlimited number of times. However, note that when you reuse a sensor, the following items get archived:

  • A shipment previously associated with the sensor;

  • Configured and triggered monitoring events set up for the shipment;

  • Transactions collected for the shipment.

Reusing a sensor

To reuse a sensor, create a new shipment either via the Moeco app or logistics dashboard. After finishing the shipment creation procedure, the sensor relinks to a new shipment and the previous shipment gets archived automatically.


If reusing a sensor continuously, check its battery level regularly. To check the sensor battery level, go to Sensors admin dashboard > Sensors > Configure.