Identifying alarming shipments

In your regular monitoring, it is important to identify troublesome shipments quickly. This can possibly save your budget, time, and resources. The Moeco platform can help you track shipments that don’t comply with the transportation standards for your goods. To identify such shipments quickly, set up alerts, notifications, or warnings first.

After creating monitoring events, do the following:

  1. Go to the logistics dashboard > Locations.

  2. Double-click the Status column header.

    Sorting the table by triggered notifications

The shipments for which specified events have been triggered show at the top of the table in the following order:

  • Alarms (red bells) come first, as they are considered the most severe events.

  • Warnings (yellow bells) come second, as they are considered events of a medium severity.

  • Notifications (green bells) come third, as they are considered non-severe and serve informational purposes.

To see what monitoring events have been triggered for a shipment, click .

Triggered monitoring events