Topping up the organization account

Each organization registered in Moeco has a virtual Moeco account. This account is charged to renew your tariff. You can check your account balance

  • In the Administration panel > Dashboard > Finances

  • In the Administration panel > Finances.

To make your work with Moeco smooth and seamless, it’s important to keep your balance sufficient at all times. The Moeco billing is secure and convenient and offers various payment methods. You can top up your Moeco account anytime by doing the following:

  1. Go to Administration panel > Finances.

  2. Click Deposit.

  3. In the pop-up window, enter the top-up amount.

  4. Select the necessary combination in the checkboxes and click Deposit:

    • Send invoice by email only—an invoice gets generated and sent to a user’s email. The pop-up window closes.

    • Pay invoice now only—an invoice gets generated. A user gets redirected to the payment page.

    • Both selected—an invoice gets generated and sent to a user’s email. A user gets redirected to the payment page.

  5. Complete your payment depending on the payment method:

    • Apple Pay or Google Pay—click the payment method button and confirm the purchase.

    • Card—enter your bank card details and click Pay.

    • Bank transfer—either use the bank information shown or download the invoice and pay it your usual way.

    Completing payment for topping up the Moeco account

If you have chosen one of the quick payments (Apple and Google Pay, bank card), the funds get credited instantly. If you have opted for a bank transfer, crediting funds to your account can take several days depending on bank conditions.