The following table lists possible causes for a number of issues.

If the issue is not listed in the table, the provided solutions do not solve the issue, or if any part of the device is damaged, do not attempt to repair the device yourself. Contact the technical support team at


Any repair attempts by the user that are out of the scope provided by this document will void the device’s warranty.

Table 4 Troubleshooting


Possible cause


The device does not respond when you press and/or hold the button.

You held the button for less than 3 seconds.

Press and hold the button for at least 3 seconds.

The device is not listed in the Moeco platform.

The device has not been registered.

Register the device with the Moeco platform.

The device is registered but reports no data to the Moeco platform.

The device cannot connect to a cellular network.

Increase signal strength at the device location.

The light blinks red and green repeatedly.

The device is in the maintenance mode.

Wait for the indication to cease and switch the device to the active mode.