Adding sensors to the organization accounts

All the Moeco sensors get associated with organization accounts so that companies can link purchased sensors with their shipments on-the-go. The basic workflow of adding sensors to the organization account is through cooperation with a Moeco manager. For a customer, it means that the sensors get associated with their account automatically.

However, Moeco provides various options for sensors purchasing and delivery. Sometimes adding sensors to the platform can’t be performed automatically. In this case, you can associate sensors on your own by using a special file that will be delivered along with the batch of sensors. When you get the file, do the following:

  1. Go to the administration panel > Sensors.

  2. Click Add sensors group.

  3. Into the Group name, enter your sensors group name to distinguish it from the others. For example, it can be one of your facilities ID.

  4. In the Sensor type drop-down, select your sensors type.

  5. In the Tariff drop-down, select your tariff.

  6. Click Add group.

    Adding a new sensor group

A new sensor group creates and a configuration page opens. Now upload the JSON file that you’ve received with sensors in one of the following ways:

  • Drag and drop the file to the marked field.

  • Click Add file and add the file from your local directory.

In the window that opens, click Import devices and close the window. Your new device appears in the list and now you can link it to shipments either in the logistics dashboard or in the Moeco app.