Moeco BLE gateway

The Moeco BLE gateway is a Bluetooth-based interface that connects to numerous devices, collects data from them, and transmits the data packages to the Moeco platform. For the Moeco users, a BLE gateway is an Android application that they can use for the same purposes.

The Moeco BLE gateway consists of four sections:

  • Dashboard is the entry point of the Moeco BLE gateway app. Here you can see the main information about the gateway operation and initiate a new scan. To start a new scan, tap Connected. Alternatively, if you need to stop scanning, tap Disconnected.

  • Data contains the list of all data transfers made from the gateway to the Moeco platform. Under Next connection, you can see what data package will be sent to the platform next. Below that, you can check the completed data transfers.

  • In Settings, you can change basic parameters of your Moeco BLE gateway app. In particular, you can set up the application itself, its usage of Bluetooth, and TCP connection. To learn how to configure the BLE gateway, see the corresponding section.

  • Sensors contains data about discovered sensors and how gateway processes them. If the BLE gateway is connected, it searches for nearby devices and reaches out to them automatically. The list of discovered devices is also available here.

  • Logs is an optional section. It can be enabled in Settings > Application. When enabled, it writes down each activity made in the gateway.