Operating the device

This section explains how to operate the device safely.

At departure

  1. Register the device with the Moeco online platform. You can also do this in advance.

  2. Switch the tracker to the active mode. To do this, press and hold the button for a few seconds.

    The light will blink green twice, stay green for a few seconds, and start indicating the battery percentage after a while. If the indication is different, e.g., red, see Troubleshooting for possible reasons.

    Once in the active mode, the tracker will connect to the Moeco platform.

  3. Fasten the tracker with rivets or bolts to a container side wall, in a channel, as you would attach a standard container vent.

    It is recommended to use 4.8 x 16 mm pop rivets.

Fastening the tracker

Fig. 32 Fastening the tracker

On arrival

When the cargo arrives to destination, detach the tracker from the cargo, switch it to the storage mode using the Moeco platform, and put it into storage. Or you can leave it in the active mode and reuse it for another shipment.

To dispose of the device, follow the recommendations from section Disposal and recycling of this manual.